3 Holiday Outfits For Every Occasion

3 Holiday Outfits For Every Occasion

Isn’t dressing up for the holidays just the best? Whether going ice skating or just driving around looking at Christmas lights, dressing up can be half the fun! There are so many different occasions and holiday traditions to prepare for, picking out outfits to create the perfect look can be a challenge! Here are some versatile ideas for every occasion:



If you’re doing a casual activity, possibly requiring exercise, but still want to look cute, pants are going to be your best friend! These comfy pants look super cute but are also comfy to wear when out and about. Tuck in a plain white shirt and you’re ready to go! Pair with a pair of flats to get some last minute shopping in or dress them up with heels if you have to run to the office Christmas party right after! 


Fancy outfits can range from a simple skirt to an elegant black-tie dress. Dress up for the holidays by utilizing Christmas colors—maroon, red, deep green—in your outfits. Choosing a simple yet classy dress such as this one is an elegant way to add a touch of holiday spirit without overdoing it at a formal event.


One of the best activities of the holidays can be just sitting on your couch watching holiday movies! Even if you’re spending the day in, you can still feel the holiday spirit. Make yourself a cup of warm cocoa and grab yourself a cute holiday onesie like this to embrace the whole holiday mood! And bonus: you can match with your whole family!




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