5 Cheap and Fun Day Date Activities

Planning a day date activity for any dance can be stressful. Money can be tight with tickets, flowers, a dress or suit, and dinner. 

To aid in making your dance experience fun and less stressful we have come up with 5 ideas that won’t break the bank. 

Go on a Scavenger Hunt- Take pictures of local places zoomed and have each couple fight to take pictures at all the places, or leave clues at multiple places around your city and wait to see who finishes first. Either way a little competition leads to a fun time.

Explore Clark Planetarium- Admission to all the exhibits are FREE and fun to explore. Want to see a show while you are there? At $7 each ticket this day date will come in for under $15

Go Ice Blocking or Sledding- Find the nearest big hill and use sleds from home or buy ice blocks for only a few dollars each. Finish with hot cocoa and donuts for a fun outdoor activity.

Have a Game Night- Meetup the night before and spend the night in friendly competition playing Secret Hitler or Twister. Make sure to have lots of snacks to share like this Sweet and Salty Snack Board from Two Peas and their Pod.  



Have a “Bob Ross” Night- With Bob Ross as your instructor, and these canvases to split between three couples (get 40% off with this coupon from hobby lobby to save money on these). Artistic skill can be rewarded with the best overall couple painting winning a prize.



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