Utah-Local Businesses to Use for the Perfect Dance

No one loves high school dances quite like Utah. Check out the tips below to make your dance meaningful and unique while supporting local businesses.


Find the perfect outfit. 

Formal and semi-formal dresses can be difficult to find, especially at affordable prices! Twirl Dress Boutique has a variety of Utah locations and modest formal dresses. Check out their selection here!

Or the perfect suit.

Check out these custom quality men’s suits or pants without breaking the bank. They can be reused for other dances, church, missions and more. Check out their website here.

You can also get your hair and make-up done! Check out Sarah Hicken’s hair and make-up for a natural but elegant look on this special day. Prices start at $65.

Plan the dinner.

Visit The Dodo restaurant for dinner. They offer delicious food at moderate prices with a wide variety of dishes so there is something to eat for even the pickiest of eaters. Be sure to call ahead because it does get crowded on weekends.

And an activity.

End the night with a bang at Heart and Seoul Karaoke. Private rooms are available to rent with per person rates as well as group rates. This activity is sure to make everyone laugh and have a great time! There are locations in both Salt Lake City and Provo. Click here to make a reservation.

Be sure to share your ideas that help you create the perfect dance in the comments below!





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